2-K Poliüretan Sistemler


Solutions of foam destroying polysiloxanes. Defoamer for solvent-based coatings.It is highly efficient and offers optimum defoaming while utilizing only minimal quantities of incompatible substances. Preferred binders are: chlorinated rubber, epoxies, two-pack polyurethane systems, alkyd/melamine, alkyds, and selfcrosslinking acrylates.


Solutions of foam destroying polymers and polysiloxanes. It is used in general industrial coatings, paper coatings, flooring systems and curtain coatings for wooden substrates. Preferred binders are oil-free polyesters, vinyls, polyurethane, epoxy esters, nitrocellulose, and acid-curing systems. Outstanding compatibility, high using safety, low shrinkage tendency, focusing on fast foam-braking ability. It can be added in different stagesof coating production construction.


Silicone-free air release additive for solvent-borne and solvent-free epoxy and polyurethane systems. It is especially suited for solvent-free systems like PUR and Epoxy -floorings. It eliminates air-bubbles and ensures pinhole-free surfaces. Due to its strong incompatibility, the additive‘s influence on the transparency of clear systems must be evaluated. It is also suitable to defoam plastisols.