Fırın Sistemler


Solutions of foam destroying polysiloxanes. Defoamer for solvent-based coatings.It is highly efficient and offers optimum defoaming while utilizing only minimal quantities of incompatible substances. Preferred binders are: chlorinated rubber, epoxies, two-pack polyurethane systems, alkyd/melamine, alkyds, and selfcrosslinking acrylates.


Polymer defoamer, silicone-free, used forsolvent-free industrial coatings, PU and epoxy systems and coil coatings with outstandingair releasing and defoaming ability, can improve the leveling in coil coatings.


Silicone-Free defoamer for Solvent-borne and Solvent-free systems. It is used as the standard defoamer for many solvent-borne coatings. It displays high defoaming action, especially in non-polar systems. Due to its stronger incompatibility, the influence upon the transparency of clear systems and upon cratering must be evaluated.