Fırın Sistemler


Polyether modified silicone leveling additive with defoaming properties. It is particularly suitable for non-polar to medium-polar paint systems. Its defoaming activity rises with increasing coating polarity. In automotive and industrial coatings, it will not exhibit problems with ghosting or telegraphing.


Leveling agent for solvent based and solvent-free coatings with defoaming effect. It is especially recommended for acid cured or polyurethane wood finishes, stoving enamels based on alkyd- acrylic- or polyester resins, self-leveling epoxy flooring compounds and UV-cured paper lacquers.


Silicone surface additive, used for water based, solvent based and solvent-free, radiation curing coatings and printing inks with strong surface tension reduction, substrate wetting ability, anti-cratering and increasing surface smoothness.


Silicone leveling additive for solvent-based coatings. Tilo-L8221 is a heat resistant silicone additive, i.e., in contrast to conventional (polyether modified) silicones; it shows no thermal decomposition at temperatures between 150°C and 230°C. Thus, upon the recoating baking systems, no loss in adhesion and no surface defects occur. It provides a strong reduction of surface tension of paint systems. Therefore, It especially improves substrate wetting and avoid cratering. Additionally, surface slip and gloss are increased.

The use of thermo-stable silicone additives such as Tilo-L8221 in coil-coatings (or similar systems) can lead to a migration of the silicone to the reverse side of the sheet or roll.