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TiloJet 2641

TiloJet 2641

TiloJet 2642

40% high molecular weight polymeric dispersant solution in water, recommended for use in water-based inkjet inks and sublimation inks. VOC and APEO free.

Application, Features & Benefits :
 TiloJet 2642 is designed for water-based inkjet inks and sublimation inks.

 Enhanced pigment wetting and improves color strength, gloss, haze and transparency due to its outstanding pigment stabilization. 

Superior viscosity reduction and long-term storage stability of color pastes as well as final inkjet inks and sublimation inks. 

Due to the excellent deflocculation of pigment, smaller particle size and narrower particle size distribution is obtained which strongly shortens filtration time.

– Improved compatibility and adhesion through structure and narrow molecular weight distribution. 

Since TiloJet 2642 may reduce viscosity, the pigment concentration in the millbase may need to be increased to maintain adequate millbase viscosity/shear for efficient dispersion