Su Bazlı

TiloSperse 6002

100% active polymeric dispersant, which is mainly suitable for dispersing of most amphipathic inorganic pigments, transparent iron oxide pigments, nano type silica, carbon black with strong acidic surface and fillers in water-based inks and paints.

TiloSperse 6003

% 100 active, low foaming hyperdispersant, which will improve dispersibility of both organic and inorganic pigment in aqueous paints and inks. It is mainly suitable for dispersing of organic pigments and carbon black, with great wetting effect on pigment. It  improves color strength, better gloss, more excellent anti-flocculation ability. The forming-film of inks or paints will be more lubricous, glossy and clear. It has great compatibility with different kinds of resins.

TiloSperse 6465

High molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives for aqueous-based paint systems. It is used for warte-based resin-free pigment paste with wide application. It is suitable for all kinds of pigments. It has outstanding dispersion effect on carbon black and organic pigments.