Solvent Bazlı


Solutions of foam destroying polysiloxanes. Defoamer for solvent-based coatings.It is highly efficient and offers optimum defoaming while utilizing only minimal quantities of incompatible substances. Preferred binders are: chlorinated rubber, epoxies, two-pack polyurethane systems, alkyd/melamine, alkyds, and selfcrosslinking acrylates.


Solvent-free acrylate defoamer for epoxy and UV systems. It has excellent compatibility with all kinds of UV monomer like DPGDA and TPGDA, and also has good compatibility with UV polyester resin and UV polyurethane resin. It may cause a little incompatibility to UV epoxy resin, with larger amount of dosage. Its excellent air releasing and bubble breaking ability is especially suitable for UV roller coating, brush coating, UV screen inks, UV offset, and UV flexo. Outstanding compatibility, high safety for application, low cratering tendency and fast foam-braking ability. It can be added in different stages of coating production and also in coating application.


Solutions of foam destroying polysiloxanes in hydrocarbons. Defoamer for solvent-based coatings. It is an excellent defoaming and air release agent. It shows its effectiveness during both the production and application of paint systems. It is especially suitable for epoxy resin system.


Solvent-free silicone defoamer. Extremely high efficiency and cost efficiency,especially suitable for defoaming and air releasing in all kinds of high viscosity systems. Special effect to elimination of microfoam. Particularly suitable for screen printing inks end epoxy floor systems.


Organo modified polysiloxane containing foam destroying polymer. Air-releasing agent for solvent-based, solvent-free and UV coatings, especially for epoxy self-leveling flooring. It has excellent air-releasing and anti-foam properties in solvent base and solvent free coating, especially epoxy flooring, high-solid system and UV curing coatings.


Organo modified polysiloxane containing hydrophobic particles. It has excellent air-releasing and anti-foam properties in solvent base and solvent free coatings, inks, especially in high-solid system and UV curing coatings.