Termoplastik Akrilik Sistemler


Solutions of foam destroying polysiloxanes. Defoamer for solvent-based coatings.It is highly efficient and offers optimum defoaming while utilizing only minimal quantities of incompatible substances. Preferred binders are: chlorinated rubber, epoxies, two-pack polyurethane systems, alkyd/melamine, alkyds, and selfcrosslinking acrylates.


Universal silicone defoamer and air-releasing agent for all kinds of water-based and solvent-based coatings and inks including styrene/ acrylate, acrylate or acrylate/polyurethane combinations with every pigment loading from very low to pretty high, with improved substrate wetting. The product is also an excellent defoamer for glycol pastes and aqueous pigment concentrates. It exhibits excellent air releasing and defoaming during not only grinding but also applying with excellent storage stability. This results in improved grinding and handling of the final pigment concentrates and coatings.


Organo modified polysiloxane containing hydrophobic particles. It has excellent air-releasing and anti-foam properties in solvent base and solvent free coatings, inks, especially in high-solid system and UV curing coatings.