Polyether modified poly-dimethyl-siloxane Levelling agent for solvent based, solvent-free and also water-based systems. Strongly increases surface slip and considerably improves substrate wetting. It can be used universally in all printing ink systems. In aqueous systems, it increases anti-blocking properties. Tilo-L8210 displays excellent compatibility and can be used as an anti-cratering additive.


Silicone surface additive for solvent-borne coating systems with a medium reduction of surface tension and a medium increase of surface slip.It improves substrate wetting. It can be used universally in all coatings and printing ink systems.


Polyether modified poly-dimethyl-siloxane. It improves substrate wetting due to strong reduction of surface tension; they also improve flow and leveling. They cause no or only slight foam stabilization.It is used in all solvent-based, solvent-free and aqueous coatings. In two component polyurethane systems, it can also be added to the isocyanate hardener.


Silicone surface additive for solvent-borne coating systems and inks. It improves dust and spray dust acceptance and allows higher film thickness on vertical surfaces. Tilo-L8216 reduces air draft sensitivity in wood and furniture coatings. It also improves flatting agent orientation.  It can strongly reduce surface tension with excellent substrate wetting ability, anti-cratering and increase surface smoothness.


Acrylic leveling additives for solvent-based and solvent-free systems.It is suited for high quality pigmented and non-pigmented industrial coatings. Typically it does not cause turbidity in clears and hazing in pigmented systems. It can improve leveling and gloss. Can produce a long wave effect and avoid cratering in the system. The acrylate additive doesn’t negatively influence recoatability or intercoat adhesion. Surface tension is only slightly reduced. It is thermally stable.


Fluorocarbon-modified high molecular weight polymer. Recommended for solvent based coating systems. It is a leveling agent which has excellent substrate wetting, provides the fastest speed of leveling, and has the best anti-carter ability. It is especially suitable for, alkyd, acrylic and polyester based baking finish, polyurethane coatings, 2K epoxy system, air-dry alkyd systems.