Yapışma Arttırıcılar


High molecular weight Hyper Branched Polymer solution, Hyper Adhesion Promoter recommended for use UV-curable and solvent-based coatings and inks respectively. Multiple crosslink groups and adhesive polymer matrix to provide superior adhesion of coatings or inks onto metal and non-metal substrates.
Hyper branched structure and expansion side chain makes them easily incorporated .
Enhanced corrosion resistance.
Very low dosage is effect compared with normal adhesion resins, thus cost savings.
Outstanding synergistic effect against corrosion in combination of Zinc phosphate.
Reduced dosage of expensive UV monomer, like 2-PEA, in UV inks and coatings.
Suitable for industrial coatings, coil and can coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and acid-catalytic primers whether baking or air-drying.


Tech-7205N is a hyper branched polyester with active hydrogen atoms adhesion promoter. It is suitable for melamine baking system and waterborne coating system which can enhance the adhesion between the paint film and the metal substrate.